Since 1982 doctor's office for classic homeopathy in Salzburg (AT).

1991 co-founder of the medical association for classic homeopathy (ACH). I have been president of the society till 1994.

Since 1993 ability to do precise prescriptions due to in-depth studies about the periodic table of elements, elaborated by Jan Scholten.

Since 1994 several seminars in Bern (CH), Berlin (DE), Budapest (HU), Graz and Salzburg (both AT), focusing in particular on two aspects: the psychosomatic axis of homeopathic medicine and the possibilities to cure tumors.



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Contemporary Homeopathy

An Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine with the Integration of Some Methods, which Allow a New Perspective and Way of Treatment

based on Samuel Hahnemann, Rudolf Flury and Jan Scholten

We are standing at the beginning of a new age in which alternative methods are finding access to conventional medicine. Homeopathy is still, in part, discussed controversially. Out of pure prejudice and without even examining the merits of homeopathic medicine the critics still claim, “There’s nothing in it!” They search for chemical molecules, but do not pay attention to the fact that we are living in the information age. The critics are mainly those who reject these methods categorically due to their prejudice and continue to maintain the misconception that, “there’s nothing to it.” Still, you can hear an entire orchestra playing on a CD, along with the first violinist, and you can even determine the composer. A complex myriad of sounds from the musicians’ instruments is conveyed via a piece of plastic. Similarly to this in homeopathy, information is passed on by the potentiation of chemical substances via the selected solvent milk sugar or alcohol solution.

The critics of homeopathy argue along the lines of the Papal Commission to Galileo Galilei when they stubbornly claimed that we can obviously see that the sun circles the earth and it is not the other way around. This limited view is based on the refusal or inability to see beyond knowledge restricted to one’s self and to see one’s self as a part of the whole, the denial of an objective, scientific standpoint. Science requires that we can also abstract what we perceive with the senses to be able to achieve an objective viewpoint.

Or – as the quantum physicist, Prof. Pietschmann said, “A Scientist must be open and critical at the same time.”

An introduction into the principles of contemporary homeopathic medicine can be found in this document, but unfortunately only in German for now. An English version is under construction.


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Dimensiunile Medicinei Homeopate, 1997 (German version)
Dimensions of Homeopathic Medicine, 1998 (English version)
Dimensiunile Medicinei Homeopate, 2001 (Romanian version)
Homeopathy and Cancer, 2006 (English version) PDF
Omeopatio e cancro (Italian version) PDF

Contributions to Congresses

LMHI Athen 1988
LMHI London 1999
LMHI Budapest 2000 PDF
LMHI Sibiu 2001 PDF
LMHI Graz 2003 PDF
LMHI Berlin 2005 PDF
Biosemiotics Congress Salzburg 2006 PDF
LMHI Luzern 2006 PDF
25th “Goldegger Dialog” (AT, 14th-17th June, 2006): Complementary therapies for cancer PDF
Salzburg (AT, 7th-8th Dec., 2006), 3rd int. congress: “Complementary Medicine meets Oncology” PDF
Expert Conference on the homeopathic treatment of cancer in Bad Imnau (DE, 28th-30th June, 2007) PDF
Days of preventive medicine and natural medicine 2007 in Vaterstetten (DE, 17th-18th Nov., 2007) PDF
158th Annual Meeting of the DZVÄ in Bamberg (DE, 1st-3rd May, 2008): Cancer therapy with mineral resources PDF
LMHI Ostende 2008 PDF
159th Annual Meeting of the DZVÄ in Bingen (DE, 21st-23rd May, 2009): Pathologic childhood situations and resulting chronic diseases – possibilities of treatment on the basis of cases PDF
1st Homeopathic Cancer Congress in Badenweiler (DE, 25th-27th Sept., 2009): Functioning after Scholten & Flury ( DVD) Link
LMHI Paris 2014 PDF
ICE 15, Köthen, November 2015 PDF
ECH Congress Vienna, November 2016 PDF

Publications in Journals

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Reports from homeopathy; in Der Salzburger Arzt (AT, 2008-2009)
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Interhomeopathy Dec. 2010 Case Study “Calcarea muriatica: hairy cell leukemia” Link
Interhomeopathy Dec. 2010 Case Study “Natrium silicatum: collapse of relationships” Link
2011: “Participation as an expert on the Constitution Committee on the implementation of children´s rights in the Austrian constitution” Link
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Book Reviews

Heinz Wittwer (CH) (English version) PDF

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